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Sell 60,000,000 Products every 60 Seconds non-stop. 100% Guaranteed.

Are you experiencing any of the business problems below?

  1. DECLINING SALES REVENUE OR LOSSES: Declining sales revenue, low cash flow, financial losses in your company?
  2. SLOW, LITTLE, OR NO RESULTS FROM ADVERTISING: Slow, little, or no sales results from your sales force, expensive marketing, and advertising activities?
  3. SLOW AND UNRELIABLE PAYMENT SYSTEMS: Slow and unreliable payments for your product sales, which could take 3 to 30 days or more to settle?

If your answer is “YES” to any of the above problems, then, I have good news for you!

There is a new ultra-fast trading technology that is 100% guaranteed to help you solve the above business problems and to sell all your products in order to generate profits at a speed and frequency that is impossible for a human trader. 


Automated Countertadex is a digital platform that will enable you to achieve:

  1. FAST SALES RESULTS: Sell off your entire product inventory with the click of a button in 60 seconds.
  2. 100% GUARANTEED SALES: Enjoy 100% guaranteed sales of all your products in 60 seconds. Achieve a predictable and 100% guaranteed ROI vs. other eCommerce marketplaces and marketing expenses with no guaranteed ROI.
  3. GUARANTEED REAL-TIME PAYMENT: Sell products in 60 seconds and get your bank account credited in real-time, even for complex cross-border transactions, between two or more businesses in different countries.
  4. 100% AUTOMATED TRADING: Make your entire sales process 100% automated with virtually no time, no effort, no technical skills, no staff, and no risk required on your part.
  5. INCREASED REVENUE IN 60 SECONDS: Increase sales revenue and profits by 10 to 100 times in 60 seconds.
  6. MAXIMUM CAPACITY UTILIZATION: Achieve a 12-month sales target in 60 seconds and start operating at 100% capacity daily.
WHAT IS automated countertradex?


Automated Countertradex is a high-speed automated digital platform that enables you to sell products non-stop at the rate of 60,000,000 products every 60 seconds with the click of a button.

Regardless of the monetary worth of your product inventories, Automated Countertradexguarantees the sale in 60 seconds with the click of a button!

In other words, you could sell off $1 million, $100 million, $10 billion, or more of your company’s products with the click of a button in 60 seconds using the Automated Countertradex.

The use of  Automated Countertradex in your business requires virtually no time, no effort, no technical skills, and no risk on your part because it is 100% automated.

SOLUTIONS and plans

Once you’ve provided our team with details of your business goals, business plans, needs, challenges, resources, shopping list, investment plans, and all ongoing business expenses, the WTE team will prescribe the best solutions, membership benefits, and implementation plan to help you achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible! Tell us your financial goal, and we’ll customize a result-guaranteed solution to help you achieve it.

APPROVe solutions and plans

We will send the prescribed solutions, membership benefits, and implementation plans to you for your approval.

You will be required to sign the business agreement that includes the prescribed solutions, membership benefits, and implementation plans to help you achieve your goals.

Once you’ve approved the prescribed solutions, membership benefits, and implementation plans, the WTE business management team will do 100% of the implementation work required to help you achieve your goals.
For example, if your goal is to set up a manufacturing company at 90% less than the market value, WTE will provide interest-free credit to cover 90% of the cost of setting up the company to help you achieve the goal.
Whether your goal is to reduce your cash expenses by up to 90%, acquire established companies or real estate at a 90% discount, make a 10,000% ROI, increase your sales revenue by 10,000% within 30 days, pay off debts at zero cost, sell off excess inventories within 24 hours, or turnaround a struggling company within 30 days, WTE can help you achieve all your goals faster than you ever thought possible.
No work, time, effort, or risk is required on your part to achieve any goals or results because EVERYTHING IS DONE FOR YOU!

Just like any brokerage firm, WTE receives a 5% cash commission on each transaction.

WTE will use the credit in your account to secure supply contracts from major corporations on your behalf to help you buy all the assets, real estate, businesses, products, and services on your buying schedule/shopping list. 
WTE will help cover the cost (90%) of your ongoing day-to-day operations, capital expenditures, purchase of inventory, new product development, marketing expenses, expansion of production capacity, business and personal expenses up to the amount in your account. 
Therefore, you don’t have to pay your fixed or recurring business costs from your cash reserves. You don’t have to bother yourself about where and how to spend the money in your account. It’s all done for you.
WTE does all the work for you, including:
  1. Providing the interest-free credit needed to buy all the items on your shopping list,
  2. Negotiating with sellers on your behalf,
  3. Securing supply contracts from major corporations on your behalf,
  4. Helping you to pay sellers for the products and services purchased for you,
  5. Facilitating all your purchase transactions to ensure the timely delivery of the assets, products, and services purchased on your behalf,
  6. Helping you to pay off your debts and much more.
100% of the work is done for you.
No work, time, effort, or risk is required on your part to achieve any goals or results because EVERYTHING IS DONE FOR YOU!
As part of your account setup process, you will give us your monthly selling schedule. Your selling schedule is a fixed amount of your products, services, and assets you want WTE to help you sell to our other customers every month. For example, your selling schedule could be $1M to $50B worth of products you want WTE to help you sell to our other customers every month.
Your ‘selling schedule’ will include details such as the products you want to sell, prices, the quality, quantity, the currency in which the items will be traded, physical delivery time, location for the given product, the last trading/expiration date, product delivery month and other relevant details.


WTE’s Trade Directors will use your “Selling Schedule” to contact other member companies within the WTE network that regularly buys your type of products. The Trade Director will get these companies to make a legally binding commitment to purchase $1M to $50B worth of products from your company every month in 5-year countertrade (purchase) contracts. The sales revenue you’d get depends on the WTE membership level you subscribed to and your sales revenue goals. 


The Trade Director will send you all the 5-year countertrade (purchase) contracts from the companies that have made commitments to purchase your products for your approval.


If you approve the 5-year countertrade (purchase) contracts, the Trade Director will give you countertrade (sales) contracts that correspond to the countertrade (purchase) contracts for you to sign. The signed countertrade (sales) contract is your legal commitment to deliver (provide) $1M to $50B worth of your products or services to our buyers (customers) every month for the next five years. 


Once we have the 5-year countertrade (purchase and sales) contracts in place, WTE will authorize the first payment to you (after deducting 5% of the amount as WTE’s transaction fee for facilitating the transaction). For example, if your membership level requires WTE to make $100 million per month in sales revenue for you, you will receive the first $100 million payment for the sales of your products.


Once you receive the first $100M payment in your bank account, you are expected to fulfill the sales contract by delivering your product or service to our buyers (customers).

Every month you will receive payment for your product sales before you fulfill the sales contract accordingly. The arrangements will continue every month for the next five years.


When your company gets to a point where it has the production capacity to handle more than $100M worth of sales per month, WTE Trade Directors will help you secure more sales contracts from buyers within the WTE network up to the value of your maximum production capacity. This is how WTE generates guaranteed sales revenue for your company.
For every WTE membership benefit received, there is an offset obligation. Settlement is the fulfillment of the legal offset obligations associated with the goals WTE helped you achieve or the benefits/services you received via WTE.
For example, if you made $100M worth of purchases and investments using the interest-free credit provided by WTE, you are not required to make any cash repayment at any point. WTE will help you repay the credit facility by generating $100M in sales revenue needed to offset it. However, you are required to fulfill the $100M worth of sales orders generated by WTE until the credit extended to you is fully repaid. The process of fulfilling the sales orders generated by WTE until your credit is fully paid off is termed “SETTLEMENT.