Countertrade is a mechanism to:
  1. Finance any industrial contracts, projects, or desired imports/purchases with no money down.
  2. Fast-track the inflow of investments, advanced technology, industrial cooperation, specialized training, technical expertise, management, and marketing expertise into your business and country at zero cost
  3. Acquire/Set up/build a production facility (machinery, equipment,  technology, an entire manufacturing plant, mine, turn-key factory, etc.) with no money down.
  4. Acquire or buy $10M to $50B shareholdings in any company with no money down.
  5. Channel back or recoup all your cash expenses or foreign exchange spent for an importation.
  6. Out-bid and out-compete fortune 500 companies and other contractors to win multimillion-dollar government contracts.
  7. Get Fortune 500 companies to do business deals with you.
  8. Acquire or purchase any properties, real estate, assets, products, and services with no money down.
  9. Invest in new businesses and projects without the need for cash.
  10. Take any start-up company from zero to millions.
Countertrade is a mechanism to:
11. Multiply your company’s profit performance by 100X— without increasing your costs, resources, or risk!
12. Launch a highly successful countertrade business and set up profitable online countertrade deals worldwide.
13. Attract a flood of clients to invest in your countertrade deals within 6 hours 
14. Make investors line up and practically beg you to take their money for your countertrade deals within 24 hours
15. Secure any amount of interest-free financing (from $1,000,000 to $100 billion)!
16. Make your competition irrelevant, dominate markets, revolutionize your business, create predictable revenue growth and make a fortune in the next trillion-dollar industry
17. Move money and assets around the world with ease and maximum privacy.
18. Facilitate international trade and payments between different companies.
19. Facilitate trade credit transactions between different companies and countries.
20. Increase your company revenue and profits by 10,000% within 30 days!
Countertrade is a mechanism to:
21. Sell all your products, services, businesses, and properties within 24 hours.
22. Dispose of 12 months projected inventory, excess capacity, slow-moving or surplus products within 24 hours.
23. Turn around a struggling company within seven days!
24. Advertise in various media without spending cash.
25. Pay off any amount of debts you owe without spending cash.
26. Get a discount of up to 90% on virtually every product or service you buy!
27. Reduce expenses by 90% without reducing expenditure items.
28. Recoup all the debt owed to your organization within 30 days!
29. Convert trade credit to cash. Convert cash to trade credit.
30. Recover non-performing assets at full book value within 30 days!
31. Repatriate blocked funds within 24 hours at zero cost!
32. Convert receivables into full cash value within 24 hours!

Corporations & government agencies use countertrade.

According to the US Department of Commerce, most defense companies use offset and countertrade to secure contracts with government agencies worldwide because most countries mandate it. Among these are General Motors, General Electric, The Boeing Company, Lockheed-Georgia, Martin Marietta Aerospace, Texas Instruments, Sperry Corp., Singer Co, Alcoa, Polaroid, Litton, Grumman International, Garrett, BMY, TRW, Perkin-Elmer, Emerson Electric, General Dynamics, Northrop, Allied Signal, Motorola, ITT, Raytheon, and LTV Aerospace and Defense Co., S.C. Johnson & Sons, and Nabisco. 
Non-defense companies that engage in countertrade, buyback, and offset deals include Xerox, IBM, Occidental Petroleum, ContiGroup Companies, Inc (CGC), Caterpillar, Monsanto, The Kraft Heinz Company, Goodyear, Rockwell Automation, Inc., General Electric, FMC, Tenneco, 3M, Coca-Cola, United Technologies, Pepsi-Cola, and others. Fortune 500 companies, New York Stock Exchange-listed companies, etc.

success stories of our clients.

success stories.
  1. A petroleum company acquired new facilities worth $3.5 billion within 30 days with no money down.
  2. A private jet charter company acquired 23 private jets worth $575 million with no money down.
  3. An industrial product manufacturer acquired new machinery, equipment, and turnkey production facility worth $578 million with no money down.
  4. A manufacturing company acquired a methanol plant worth $235 million with no money down.
  5. An oil company recently acquired a modular oil refinery for crude oil with a 20,000 BPD production capacity with no money down.
  6. Giovanni acquired a 123-year-old $250 million turnover company with 768 employees with no money down.
  7. A steel manufacturing company got its plant capacity upgraded with an investment of $75 million to increase its production capacity with no money down.

Success stories.

8. One client got over a billion dollars in real estate that cost them — absolutely nothing!

9. Another client got $850M worth of office building, company cars, with no money down.

10. One of our clients averaged an extra $750,000,000-a-quarter profit off their countertrade deals.

I could tell you a lot more and have your eyes jump out…but it would fill 1000 pages … and I’m sure you get the idea.

you can achieve similar results USING COUNTERTRADE.

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