Here's What We Do Better

  1. Work resumes by 7.30 am. Work closes whenever the tasks assigned for the day have been completed.
  2. Coming to work late (even by 5 minutes) attracts a fine of XOF10,000.
  3. Being absent from work for one day without permission attracts a fine of XOF100,000
  4. Being absent from work for one day with permission attracts a service fee of XOF30,000 per day. This service fee is the amount we will need to pay an ad hoc worker to help you perform your duties while you’re away.
  5. Absence from work for three or more consecutive scheduled working days without notifying your supervisor or manager in writing will be considered a voluntary termination, and you will be removed from the payroll.


  1. Every room must be cleaned before noon every day.
  2. The floor of every room must be scrubbed every day.
  3. The toilet/bathroom must be thoroughly scrubbed every day.
  4. The toilet/bathroom WALL must be thoroughly scrubbed every day.
  5. The bedsheets in every room must be replaced with clean and unused daily unless advised otherwise. And the bed must be appropriately arranged.
  6. Tables, chairs, cupboards, mirrors, sporting equipment, Fridges, Microwave oven, Gas cooker, lights/fans/AC/TV must be cleaned every day.
  7. The balcony must be cleaned every day.
  8. The exterior part of the house and the staircase must be cleaned daily.
  9. All the waste bins must be emptied and cleaned daily.
  10. All the buckets at the back of the airconditioners must be emptied and cleaned daily.
  11. The biggest waste bin must be put outside for the waste management company to remove the wastes daily.
  12. Arrange everything in its place. There is a place for everything, and everything has its place.
  13. You can ask your colleague or supervisor if you are unsure of the correct place to arrange any item.
  14. Every room must be sprayed with an air refresher after cleaning the rooms.
    1. Any faulty plumbing or items in any room must be immediately reported to the manager after cleaning the room.
    2. Every room in the house must be cleaned and arranged every day. Failure to clean any room excellently will attract a fine of XOF10,000. 



You must be very respectful and polite towards every guest, visitor, or staff in this house.

  1. Being rude or disrespectful to any guest in the house will lead to a fine of XOF50,000 or termination of your employment.
  1. When a guest requests any service, you must be very respectful, polite, and prompt in responding to the guest’s requests. You must not keep any guests waiting for more than 5 minutes before responding to their requests. 
  1. If any guest complains that you took more than 30 minutes to respond to their request, you’ll get a fine of XOF10,000.
  2. If any guest complains that you failed to respond to their request or ignored them, you will get a penalty of XOF10,000.


  1. Disregarding your manager’s instructions will lead to a fine of XOF10,000 or termination of your employment.
  2. Being rude or disrespectful to your supervisor or manager will lead to a fine of XOF50,000 or termination of your employment.
  3.                 Insulting an employer or management staff will attract immediate termination of your employment. There is no option of a fine.
  4.                Quarreling with your colleagues or staff is not acceptable and not allowed. If there is an issue of disagreement with other staff, the problem must be amicably resolved or reported to your manager to resolve the issue. Quarreling or raising your voice with another team or colleague in the office attracts a fine of XOF10,000.
  5. Murmuring, complaining, nagging, or carrying any frowning face in the office, will lead to dismissal.
  6. Taking more than five minutes to find and submit any document or items in your custody will lead to a 10.000F fine.
  1. Not completing any assigned task for any day attracts a fine of XOF10,000.
  2. Completing tasks and not reporting back to submitting your report on task completion attracts a fine of XOF5,000.
  3. Giving an unacceptable excuse for not doing or completing any particular assignment attracts a fine of XOF10,000.
  4. Ignoring tasks assigned to you and not performing functions on time will lead to a fine of XOF5,000 per incident.
  5. A deliberate act of refusal to perform a legitimate task assigned will incur a fine of XOF50,000.
  6. A refusal to perform any task due to omission, forgetfulness, or negligence of tasks will get a XOF10,000 fine for each incident of any job omitted.
  7. Leaving the door of any room open for more than 5 seconds will get you a XOF10,000 fine for each incident
  8. A refusal to perform any task according to the work instructions will get you a 20,000CFA fine. For example, if you send more than two emails within 60 seconds, you will be charged 20,000CFA.
Complaining about any task assigned to you will lead to a XOF10,000 penalty. When you’re fined for any offense and argue about or protest such legitimate fines, there would be a protest fine of XOF10,000. Unless the protest is based on a solid PROOF that the penalty imposed is not correct. If there is proof that the fine imposed is wrong, then the penalty would be waived.
unauthorized use

 Taking items without permission, stealing, or moving any asset of the company or fraud against the company in any way will automatically lead to termination of your employment.

Unauthorized use of the company’s product/service or asset without permission leads to a fine of XOF50,000. For example, going to relax in any room besides the room you have been assigned to stay in will attract a penalty of XOF50,000.


  1. Intentional damage to any of our company’s assets will lead to financial charges up to the cost of the destroyed properties, prosecution for a criminal and civil offense, as well as the termination of your employment. Your guarantors would be held financially and criminally liable for all damages incurred where you cannot be found.
  2. Any act of sabotage of any of our work or intentional damaging of any of our assets, or cause any loss will result in immediate employment termination. If any damage is found to have been caused to any resources that you have exclusive access to, then you will be made responsible for any damage resulting from that resource at any point in time. Such damage will result in a penalty fine of the value of the damage caused or immediate employment termination.

Disclosing any information about the activities in my house to any outsider, for whatever purpose, without due authorization will lead to termination of your employment.


I need peace of mind. I need a calm and happy atmosphere. I need an environment that is harmonious and full of positive energy. I don’t want a negative mood, offensive attitudes, and bad energy from anyone in my house.

I value peace of mind, respect, and positive energy in my environment more than anything else. To carry a frowning, sad, depressed, gloomy, or angry facial expression, attitude or body language in my house is an offense that can lead to immediate termination of your employment.


If your breaching of the staff rules results in fines and charges from your salary, it will result in some or all of the following consequences:

  1. Non-increase of your salary for the next six month’s salary increase schedule.
  2. Reduction in your salary by 20% for the next month
  3. Immediate termination of employment.

In some cases, the financial charges for breaching staff rules may be waived for any reason. However, you will still suffer the consequences of contravening the staff rules regardless of whether the fines and charges are waived or not.

Adhere to these rules, and you will have a successful career here.